Hi guys!

For those that don't know my wife of 25 years Rebecca and I owned and ran our own company for over 12 years before my stroke. (Lost it all)
Rebecca is not only my best friend, Rebecca is my 100% trusted business partner.

So last night Rebecca said she feels a launch date of January 1st would not be the best. To many potential hangover's. She's 100% right!

also suggested a launch date of Tuesday January 3rd. She suggested I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast should air every Tuesday night at 7:00pm PST to minimize sports T.V. show conflicts.

Damn! Rebecca is awesome!

So I am Injured Not Stupid Podcast will debut January 3rd 2017 at 7:00pm PST. And all shows thereafter will broadcast every Tuesday at 7:00pm PST.

Another recommendation from Rebecca I'm implementing is changing our Podcast title from I'm Injured Not Stupid too I am Injured Not Stupid. She reminded me that by using the slang I'm instead of I am causes I am to loose the word power 
"I am" naturally has.

And wait until you hear our I am Injured Not Stupid Podcast intro and outro! My son Ryan and Rebecca are both doing it! It's turning out stellar! 

Follow this Blog to get an exclusive inside sneak listen to our intro and outro before it airs.

Stay awesome!

Aaron & Rebecca Avila 

My son Ryan Avila


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