No one said change was easy!

Being six years post stroke I have seen tiny recovery changes in my life but none like the past two months.

I have been working closely with one of the most intelligent businessmen stroke survivors I've met to date. We are working on a fairly large project together.

Within a very short period of time he, thank God, has identified several substantial deficits that needed to be identified and corrected to insure our success.

Now peeps you must remember I've been isolated for six years. My primary contact with the outside world has been through Facebook.

What I have found that this social isolation has created in me some problematic social issues. 

This social isolation has caused my already large ego to become gigantic! I had lost touch with reality so my ego created it's own reality. Convincing me I was okay when I actually wasn't. Thankfully this businessman identified I was being controlled by me ego. And first thing he began to show me, gently, just how gigantic my ego had become. OMG! Once I saw how I truly was not what my ego convinced me of I WAS SHOCKED! 
I'm killing my ego still to this day. I will never underestimate the incredible power of the human ego.

The second social deficit we've identified is my always speaking (or posting) but never listening to what survivors really are asking for help with. 
I call it my Bulldozer effect. 
I post what I think may help them versus just listening to what their saying and helping them with what they need. Ohhhh! listening instead of Bulldozing right through it. Ohhhhhhh! I will change!

Look peeps like I've said before, I'm not recovering from stroke, I'm rebuilding after stroke.

My heart and intentions are good. Please be patient with me.



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