I just wanted to prove to you guys I am genuine certified Grade A stroke survivor!

You ever heard "You know what you get when you assume"? 

Well, I just attended the Video Podcast debut of Kati van der Hoeven's "However life goes on"  in Finland. (Virtually)

Well I "assumed" my Podcast will now have live video feed like Kati. 


I just found out because Kati is a famous T.V. personality in Finland the team did a video Podcast. OH XXXX!

Kati is a Supermodel! Of course! What was my stroke brain thinking? Silly stroke brain!

So because I'm not a Supermodel, My Podcast will be audio until you my fans say you want video.

Maybe someday I can be like the legends, my idols, Jeffrey Haayzlett and Grant Cardone. 
(I'll be a badass stroke survivor version)

So audio only guys. I share more details as they unfold.

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Aaron Avila
The stroke zone (kidding Grant)


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