To DeVon Franklin and friends - HELP NEEDED!

DeVon I am so sorry I need to ask you or your friends for financial help but my life experience forces me to.

As you know I survived certain death when a brain aneurysm exploded and two weeks later I survived a paralyzing stroke. September 17th 2010.

Unable to work since, my amazing family has survived on less than $19,000 a year. Needless to say we've lost everything but our home. We almost lost our home but my awesome wife Rebecca of 25+ years sold her wedding ring to cover the mortgage.

My stroke took from me all my fine motor skills making it impossible to floss. Well over the years all my teeth have all fractured at the gum line. Leaving me with an upper and lover very front bridges to chew with.

Now totally broke a tooth has become abscess and unbelievably painful.

My mom and dad have no money so you see I have no where else to turn but you.

If you would be willing to cover the cost of getting dental implants. If my Podcast (I'm Injured Not Stupid) I launch in February 2017 does as well as I expected I should be able to pay you back in 12 months.

Please brother help me!

Much respect,
Aaron Avila 

If you're willing to help me please email my wife Rebecca at:


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