#TheStrokeZone WHO AM I?

Good morning!

I'm feeling inspired to create this "Who Am I" to give you a different perspective of my life story. 
Original version of my story.

This new life path I'm on came about as a result of what I have come to know as one of the most cataclysmic life events I think a human can go through on planet earth.

You see, I survived certain death when a brain aneurysm exploded in my brain and two weeks later a microscopic size blood clot traveled from the aneurysm site and landed on my brain triggering a massive stroke.

This life event struck me as fast as lightning strikes. Here's a graphic I created to express that.

This catastrophic stroke didn't just alter my life, but it hurled my entire family into a life of extreme suffering. My family, for six years now, only knows a life of survival, suffering and extreme financial hardship.

But as Oprah Winfrey says "Bad things happen for us not to us". 
Here's a graphic I did inspired by Oprah.
You see, for me, I believe this cataclysmic life event is my perfect destiny on earth. 

This awakening, for me started after a near death experience I had during my brain aneurysm and stroke. 

Why do I believe being a stroke survivor was my destiny?

Because if not for this major stroke leaving me among so many other things, wheelchair bound, I would not be sitting in front of a computer eight to ten hours a day accomplishing and creating all I have.

Here's only a small part of what I have felt lead to create. (meant to inform not ego)
Oh I have lots more to share but stroke brain fatigue has set in. I'll update and add new content as I can.

Stay awesome!


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