There's a young man named Michael Brester-Smith. Who over the years has become like an adopted son to me. (My nickname for him is LT. Little Thug) or Mikey. I don't really see LT anymore since he moved away.

Day before yesterday the doorbell rings and to my awesome surprise it was LT!
I rounded LT up from his step mom and step brother (my wife Rebecca and son Ryan) and brought him into my office.

I began, very passionately to tell LT all we're doing with the Podcast. LT mentions he has a Blue Yeti Mic.
Now anyone who knows Podcasting knows just how amazing the Blue Yeti Mic is!

Quietly Mikey notices I totally light up over his Blue Yeti Mic.

The next day, today, the doorbell rings and it's LT holding a Blue Yeti Mic box.

Then I couldn't believe my ears.
LT says "I would like to give this Blue Yeti to you to help your cause and what you're doing". I immediately began to cry. Mikey says he's had it but never used it. (Destiny's beautiful divine hand at work in my life once again).

What I call naturally supernatural.

With every fiber of who I am, Thank you Mikey!

Proud of you son.

Ps. peeps!
All future recordings will be on the amazing Blue Yeti Microphone!

Your step dad Aaron.


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