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Hi guys!

For those that don't know my wife of 25 years Rebecca and I owned and ran our own company for over 12 years before my stroke. (Lost it all)
Rebecca is not only my best friend, Rebecca is my 100% trusted business partner.

So last night Rebecca said she feels a launch date of January 1st would not be the best. To many potential hangover's. She's 100% right!

also suggested a launch date of Tuesday January 3rd. She suggested I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast should air every Tuesday night at 7:00pm PST to minimize sports T.V. show conflicts.

Damn! Rebecca is awesome!

So I am Injured Not Stupid Podcast will debut January 3rd 2017 at 7:00pm PST. And all shows thereafter will broadcast every Tuesday at 7:00pm PST.

Another recommendation from Rebecca I'm implementing is changing our Podcast title from I'm Injured Not Stupid too I am Injured Not Stupid. She reminded me that by using the slang I'm instead of I am causes I am to loose the word power 
"I am" naturally has.

And wait until you hear our I am Injured Not Stupid Podcast intro and outro! My son Ryan and Rebecca are both doing it! It's turning out stellar! 

Follow this Blog to get an exclusive inside sneak listen to our intro and outro before it airs.

Stay awesome!

Aaron & Rebecca Avila 

My son Ryan Avila

A stroke survivors pet peeve!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Blind woman sees again because of stem cell treatment

Blind woman sees again because of stem cell treatment


Podcast equipment locked and loaded!

Okay guys!
Podcast equipment is 100% setup.
Podcast audio only but I have a camera for my sister stroke survivors video Podcast from Finland 

OMG! The fear is palatable!

My newest hashtag


Guys I know if all participate in this. We together can raise awareness in a big way!

So here's my creative thought.

Every stroke and brain injury survivor make a short video clip (smartphone okay) stating:
Your name.
Are you a stroke or brain injury survivor?
Your state or Country you currently live in.
Give your survival date.
A condensed version of your story.
Ask people to share your video on their social feeds to help raise stroke and brain injury awareness.
And say a promo line for 
I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast 

Post your video to either Twitter or Facebook and YOU MUST include our new hashtag
I'll build a website
 and gather your videos once a week. 
I'll post your video's on the website.

Another way you can raise awareness is post any stroke related item on your social media feed and include our new hashtag #TheStrokeZone I will gather them once a week and create a new page within this Blog to share.

If all stroke and brain injury survivors in the world participate, I guarantee this campaign and raise awareness in a HUGE way!

Please follow and share this Blog in all your stroke and brain injury support groups!


More being done in the rehab space, let it begin with me

Marty is my Traumatic Brain Injury brother! I'm so proud of him!

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Please, do me a big favor and checkout this stroke and TBI resource I found and tell me what you think?

Top 3 Exercises for Weak Arm after Stroke (Simple Do-it-yourself)

Top 3 Exercises for Weak Arm after Stroke (Simple Do-it-yourself)


Just trying to give you a smile guys!



Please help me impress the people watching me. 

Follow this Blog.

Being an influencer in diapers unlike my friend 
Sam Hurley

I'm trying to influence!

WSD2016 Video01 HD Angela

Friday, October 28, 2016




I just wanted to prove to you guys I am genuine certified Grade A stroke survivor!

You ever heard "You know what you get when you assume"? 

Well, I just attended the Video Podcast debut of Kati van der Hoeven's "However life goes on"  in Finland. (Virtually)

Well I "assumed" my Podcast will now have live video feed like Kati. 


I just found out because Kati is a famous T.V. personality in Finland the team did a video Podcast. OH XXXX!

Kati is a Supermodel! Of course! What was my stroke brain thinking? Silly stroke brain!

So because I'm not a Supermodel, My Podcast will be audio until you my fans say you want video.

Maybe someday I can be like the legends, my idols, Jeffrey Haayzlett and Grant Cardone. 
(I'll be a badass stroke survivor version)

So audio only guys. I share more details as they unfold.

Please remember to follow this blog.

Aaron Avila
The stroke zone (kidding Grant)

Dressing upper body with one handed technique

Dressing upper body with one handed technique

Taking back our lives

Okay guys! This is so powerful Please share everywhere!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Debut of I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast

Hey guys! 
I launch my I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast 
January 1st 2017 at 7pm PST.
I'll share details as soon as I have them!
I have a speech deficit
and I'm doing a Podcast!
I want to show all stroke and brain injury survivors love and compassion.
Everyone please show your support of what I do.
Please tune in and attend! 
Wohaula upgraded my Podcast with video! 
Not only will you hear my speech deficit you'll see it! 
Seriously please come! I'm soooo nervous and scared.
Host of I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast


What amazing resources I've found!

Anatomy of a Comeback: The Sean Maloney Story

What amazing resources I've found!

Anatomy of a Comeback: The Sean Maloney Story

I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast: We endorse these stroke support groups.

I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast: We endorse these stroke support groups.: This list is not complete and will be updated from time to time. (Click on logo to follow link) Stroke Know How   ...

Saturday, October 22, 2016

No one said change was easy!

Being six years post stroke I have seen tiny recovery changes in my life but none like the past two months.

I have been working closely with one of the most intelligent businessmen stroke survivors I've met to date. We are working on a fairly large project together.

Within a very short period of time he, thank God, has identified several substantial deficits that needed to be identified and corrected to insure our success.

Now peeps you must remember I've been isolated for six years. My primary contact with the outside world has been through Facebook.

What I have found that this social isolation has created in me some problematic social issues. 

This social isolation has caused my already large ego to become gigantic! I had lost touch with reality so my ego created it's own reality. Convincing me I was okay when I actually wasn't. Thankfully this businessman identified I was being controlled by me ego. And first thing he began to show me, gently, just how gigantic my ego had become. OMG! Once I saw how I truly was not what my ego convinced me of I WAS SHOCKED! 
I'm killing my ego still to this day. I will never underestimate the incredible power of the human ego.

The second social deficit we've identified is my always speaking (or posting) but never listening to what survivors really are asking for help with. 
I call it my Bulldozer effect. 
I post what I think may help them versus just listening to what their saying and helping them with what they need. Ohhhh! listening instead of Bulldozing right through it. Ohhhhhhh! I will change!

Look peeps like I've said before, I'm not recovering from stroke, I'm rebuilding after stroke.

My heart and intentions are good. Please be patient with me.


Mirror Therapy

Mirror Therapy

Stroke blog 22nd October

Stroke blog 22nd October

Friday, October 21, 2016

Attending the hardest University on earth!

The university of stroke survival.

Hard like you've never seen hard.

But I say to you stroke.

I will recover life again.

I must smell the mighty Redwoods with the sweet aroma of to my core gratitude.

To watch a sunset at Bodega Head with two fresh bowls of Clam Chowder from Spud Point Cafe a bottle of wine and a loaf of fresh French Bread.
Oh need I really say more?

My everything Rebecca,
For her I must recover.
She needs my help.
My honor 

With a truly divine love,



Not the time to have a tooth abscess and can't afford the Orthopedic surgeon to extract it! Haven't really slept for three days! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Received my Go Mic!

Excitement has now turned to fear! What am I thinking? I have a serious speech deficit!

Okay ........ starting to freak out!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Follow this Blog!

Okay today peeps a person helping me steer where I'm going said; My page reads in over 10 countries in two weeks is good however success is measured by Blog followers which isn't great.

So I ask all of you out there that support what I'm doing, please follow this Blog.


Kati van der Hoeven (Lepistö) PODCAST STARTS

Kati van der Hoeven (Lepistö) PODCAST STARTS

My Podcast equipment shipped!


My Podcast equipment shipped!

I'm filled with excitement and fear! 

To DeVon Franklin and friends - HELP NEEDED!

DeVon I am so sorry I need to ask you or your friends for financial help but my life experience forces me to.

As you know I survived certain death when a brain aneurysm exploded and two weeks later I survived a paralyzing stroke. September 17th 2010.

Unable to work since, my amazing family has survived on less than $19,000 a year. Needless to say we've lost everything but our home. We almost lost our home but my awesome wife Rebecca of 25+ years sold her wedding ring to cover the mortgage.

My stroke took from me all my fine motor skills making it impossible to floss. Well over the years all my teeth have all fractured at the gum line. Leaving me with an upper and lover very front bridges to chew with.

Now totally broke a tooth has become abscess and unbelievably painful.

My mom and dad have no money so you see I have no where else to turn but you.

If you would be willing to cover the cost of getting dental implants. If my Podcast (I'm Injured Not Stupid) I launch in February 2017 does as well as I expected I should be able to pay you back in 12 months.

Please brother help me!

Much respect,
Aaron Avila 

If you're willing to help me please email my wife Rebecca at:

6 Post-Stroke Rehab Programs You May Need

(Click on image)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Unruptured Brain Aneurysm Clipping Surgery - My Story

Unruptured Brain Aneurysm Clipping Surgery - My Story

Kati Lepisto air alphabet conversation

Kati Lepisto air alphabet conversation

Stroke Signs, Symptoms Treatment | Dr. Reza Jahan - UCLA Health System

Stroke Signs, Symptoms Treatment | Dr. Reza Jahan - UCLA Health System

So excited! It's really going to happen! Updated 10/18/16 7:45pm


I just ordered my Podcast equipment!

Excited and scared at the same time!

I mean I'm a half paralyzed wheelchair bound stroke survivor with a speech deficit!

I'm going to do what? 

A Podcast! WHAT? LOL 

What speech deficit does Aaron have? Dysarthria.

My plan is to find an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) not just to interview but to work on improving my speech for my Podcast. 
I currently know two stellar SLP's. Mark Ittleman author of "The teaching of talking method" and Rebecca Kipling in the United Kingdom. Founder of Speech Therapy Center in the UK. 
(I'll update you as I go).

I will be putting myself out there in an extremely uncomfortable place because I must recover! 

I want to encourage each one of you stroke and brain injury survivors to do the same in your own way. Put yourself in that uncomfortable situation. Like me, it's going to cause you to recover a little more. I believe as survivors we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations like hanging with family or friends or maybe it's going to that family get together you would normally stay at home for. Putting ourselves out there forces our brain's neuroplastic quality to fire up.

More links!

Neuroplasticity: Norman Doidge Explains the Changing Brain
Empowering the Mind to Heal the Brain for Stroke | Dr. Eric C. Leuthardt | TEDxGatewayArch

Positive Thinking Neuroplasticity Brain Chemistry

Recovering from Stroke Part 1 (UCLA)

Upcoming show notes.

The first four shows or so I will be me getting my Podcasting feet wet. I plan on doing W.A.M. episodes=What's on Aaron's Mind. The initial shows will be various topics. Whatever is on my mind.

After getting my Podcasting Feet wet I'll start doing interviews. 
I will be interviewing
  • Speech Language Pathologist 
  • Prominent individuals within the stroke community.
  • Authors 
  • Physical Therapists 
  • And much much more!
Follow this Blog to stay up to date on all things "I'm Injured Not Stupid" Podcast with your host stroke survivor Aaron Avila.

Launching sometime in February 2017 if not sooner! 

Oh no peeps! A feeling of fear is happening! I must be relentless like Jeff Hazlett taught me. 
(Related blog)

Connect with me socially on: 
Google Plus
Fan Page in Wohaula
Second Chance Stroke Survivors on Facebook

Here's what I ordered.


Your thoughts peeps?

Stand Tall Stroke Survivors

Okay better? 
Here's my creative thinking. The single standing redwood tree is the attitude we must have as stroke survivors yes/no?

The next morning

The next morning

Monday, October 17, 2016

Why is Stanford breakthrough a very big deal

Why is Stanford breakthrough a very big deal

My new profile pic

You like?

STROKE NEWS ALERT! Randy Travis sings publicly after stroke!


Extremely proud of you brother!

Kati, a meaningful life

Kati, a meaningful life

Let's Get Moving: A Home-Based Exercise Program for Individuals Recovering from Stroke

Let's Get Moving: A Home-Based Exercise Program for Individuals Recovering from Stroke

A critical window for recovery after stroke | John Krakauer | TEDxJohnsHopkinsUniversity

A critical window for recovery after stroke | John Krakauer | TEDxJohnsHopkinsUniversity

Knowing The Signs Of Having A Stroke / Educational Documentary Video

Knowing The Signs Of Having A Stroke / Educational Documentary Video



Peter Corfield’s Daily Stroke Vlog from France Updated 10/17/16

Stroke blog October 17th

Empowering the Mind to Heal the Brain for Stroke | Dr. Eric C. Leuthardt | TEDxGatewayArch

Empowering the Mind to Heal the Brain for Stroke | Dr. Eric C. Leuthardt | TEDxGatewayArch

Häivähdyksiä - Reflections

Häivähdyksiä - Reflections

"Don't Stop the Music: Finding the Joy in Caregiving" EXCERPTS

"Don't Stop the Music: Finding the Joy in Caregiving" EXCERPTS Introduction Introduction

Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö Quote Live

Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö Quote Live

Sunday, October 16, 2016


What was the date your life changed forever?
Please put your answer in comments peeps!

Friday, October 14, 2016


WAM = What's on Aaron's Mind Podcast Update 10/14/16


Hi peeps!

Been awhile since I connected with you sorry!

I have been working on so many awesome projects!

When they start breaking loose, promise you're going to be amazed!

Specific update to my Podcast

Funny, as I'm pushing hard to launch in four months a fear in me is mounting. 

I'm a stroke survivor with a serious speech deficit. What am I thinking doing a Podcast? 
Oh no! I think fear is turning into sheer terror! lol (not funny).

Listening to legendary Podcasters, businessmen extraordinaire Grant Cardone and Jeffrey Hazlett makes me almost XXXX my little baby Podcaster diapers. lol

I'm going to be relentless Jeff. Failure is not an option!

This 1/2 paralyzed wheelchair bound stroke survivor must saddle up and ride.

To make my dreams come true I must think big and act bigger!

So here's where I'm at.

I have decided on my Podcast equipment I can afford. Found a decent sounding mic called "Go Mic" under $40.00 and a desk mount boom with Pop Screen for under $15.00 

Going to use Audacity recording/Podcasting software. 

I figure I'm still four months out.

To make my dreams come true I must think big and act bigger!

(Click on image to order Jeff's life changing book)

Your VIP invite to join a conversation I started!

To join the VIP conversation click link.
Stroke Survivor Insomnia

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 3 Blog Stats

Pageviews all time history  546

Countries read in

United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Aaron has a speech deficit

Just in case you think I'm going to sound as legendary as Jeffery Hazlett.

Let me make very clear.


I'm only putting myself out there and doing a Podcast with a speech deficit to inspire people!

You're worth something great!

If I can do something awesome like host a Podcast with a speech deficit you also can put yourself out there and help me make the world a better place! 
Your way your style.

If I being a half paralyzed wheelchair bound and 1,000 other things stroke survivor that can help my fellow man in need. 
You can!

My style my passion is to help stroke and brain injury survivors.

Peeps find your true passion. In it you will find your true purpose in your life. 

May you find your true passion in this life as I have.

Never the same by Randy Terry

My peeps around the world,

I personally have known Randy Terry on Facebook for awhile now. Very humble yet in my eyes a very powerful and inspirational man!

Share a comment and I'll forward it to him. See if you feel the same as me?

My words I use to describe "Never The Same"


Please leave a comment!

Never the same by Randy Terry

So many times I hear I want my life back, Said it myself, made myself miserable. Now 6 yrs post stroke I see I will never get the old life back it's impossible. The trials of this stroke and recovery has changed my life forever and for the good..

I am a survivor and the things I have learned about life will not allow me to return to the old..Sure some of the things I loved doing are gone but I have adapted to change not easy but no choice.

For the first few years of this I played that pity thing mad at the world, why me. One day got up ,tired of this got to be a better life after stroke. Put the wheelchair in corner picked up walker and started this hard work. Soon I was on cane doing the same thing ,it is not easy by no means but guess what not only was I walking but I felt proud that's why you hear me say "Stand Tall And Proud.. "It's not a secret hid from you its what you want out of life. Do not waste your time in this place its very lonely and nothing there to gain but misery. I am no writer ,not smarter than you, it takes time to heal, just got to get that brain thinking right and get up and get it done. Time is on your side you got plenty of it so don't think it's got to all come at once. Work slow and steady it will come.. rt.


WHAT NOW (HD Version) by Alison Shapiro

Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast Vision for the future. (UPDATED 10/24/16 6AM)

Hi all!

I thought I would share my dream and vision for I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast.

I have never done anything remotely close to a Podcast and I have a speech deficit caused by my stroke. Not what most would say will make a successful Podcast I know.

But one man told me "I CAN" 

This man is a global influencer of business. But I found his attitude with business so powerful, if I apply his attitude to my stroke survival it became life changing for me. His name is Jeffrey Hazlett.

First! Failure "is not" an option! Second! "I must" help stroke and brain injured people and their families. 
It's my absolute to my core passion I was given with my second chance at life on this planet!

The vision and dream for I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast.

So my #1 purpose for this Podcast is to give much needed help and love to a people not really mentioned or remembered in society.

Our purpose and passion for I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast is to show love and compassion to a people who feel so alone, so isolated, so scared from the rest of the world.

To help families around the world through the cataclysmic life event known as stroke and brain injury survivors. 

I see a spouse of a stroke survivor sitting alone in an ER feeling so scared. We want this Podcast to reach them, reassuring them, comforting them and letting them know they're not alone.

To give hope to the hopeless!

Lots more later!