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Peeps you need to know with all your heart. That if I ever come into millions of dollars. I most certainly will help you my beloved stroke survivors. 

Not if that day comes but when!

#TheStrokeZone How to Treat Post-Stroke Pain due to Spasticity

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Back six years ago when I was in the hospital after surviving a massive brain aneurysm and stroke. My family purchased a funny book called Dadisms. What he says ......... and .......... What he really means.

So I thought it would be fun to share a Dadism with you every now and then.

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And your first Dadism!
"They don't make'em like that anymore."
{Usually used in reference to cars, houses, movies and women, this is the classic fathers lament}

"It's hell getting old"

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Friday, November 25, 2016



I'm humbled peeps!


#TheStrokeZone #ILookLikeAStrokeSurvivor Campaign

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oprah, Devon and TD please consider


You three are my pillars. My mentors if you will.

I am a man given a gift through a near death experience. My story.

What I didn't realize at the time, not only did God give me a second chance at life on planet earth. God put in the very core of who I am, a love for stroke and brain injury survivors that runs through every fiber of my being.

It's with this powerful gift of love I humbly ask you three join forces and consider giving each one of my stroke and brain injury survivors a financial gift of any size, to them for Christmas? They are suffering so and could use a touch of the most powerful force in the universe. Love. God's true and pure love.

So deep to my core is the love God has given me for stroke and brain injury survivors, as I type this there is a groan emitting from my very core I have never felt before.

If you would like to discuss this Christmas opportunity email me here.

With humbled love and respect,

#TheStrokeZone 5 Core Exercises for Stroke Patients

I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast would like to say thank you to Flint Rehab for providing exceptional resources and caring support to the stroke survivor community. You're awesome Flint Rehab!

This helpful resource brought to you by Flint Rehab.

5 Core Exercises for Stroke Patients
5 Core Exercises for Stroke Patients
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#TheStrokeZone Show note: 11/22/16 UPDATE with an exclusive announcement inside!


After Marty Salo and I ran some initial tests using Skype video. We both agree the bandwidth required for video is just too unstable. 

So we're going back to our original 
Podcast format of audio only Podcast.

This should make our Podcast easier to record and syndicate.

Interview methods
Audio interviews only using Skype.

Anyone being interviewed must have and know how to use Skype. (Download here) Once you have it installed, send us an add to contact request via skype to and we will run some pre show tests.
(Click here for Skype tutorials)

Exclusive inside tip!
I'm Injured Not Stupid is launching a brand new once a month show in 2017 called the Aaron and Marty Show. (The AM in the PM). Hosted by stroke survivor Aaron Avila and Co Hosted by brain injury survivor Marty Salo. Details coming soon!

We will talk soon
Stay awesome.
Remember you're not alone!


Merry Christmas!


#TheStrokeZone WHO AM I?

Good morning!

I'm feeling inspired to create this "Who Am I" to give you a different perspective of my life story. 
Original version of my story.

This new life path I'm on came about as a result of what I have come to know as one of the most cataclysmic life events I think a human can go through on planet earth.

You see, I survived certain death when a brain aneurysm exploded in my brain and two weeks later a microscopic size blood clot traveled from the aneurysm site and landed on my brain triggering a massive stroke.

This life event struck me as fast as lightning strikes. Here's a graphic I created to express that.

This catastrophic stroke didn't just alter my life, but it hurled my entire family into a life of extreme suffering. My family, for six years now, only knows a life of survival, suffering and extreme financial hardship.

But as Oprah Winfrey says "Bad things happen for us not to us". 
Here's a graphic I did inspired by Oprah.
You see, for me, I believe this cataclysmic life event is my perfect destiny on earth. 

This awakening, for me started after a near death experience I had during my brain aneurysm and stroke. 

Why do I believe being a stroke survivor was my destiny?

Because if not for this major stroke leaving me among so many other things, wheelchair bound, I would not be sitting in front of a computer eight to ten hours a day accomplishing and creating all I have.

Here's only a small part of what I have felt lead to create. (meant to inform not ego)
Oh I have lots more to share but stroke brain fatigue has set in. I'll update and add new content as I can.

Stay awesome!

Monday, November 21, 2016

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Anyone want to Facebook video chat?


The cool thing about having the equipment to do a Podcast is I now have the ability to video chat!

So hit me up.


Stay awesome!

Meet the man I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast is interviewing in 2017

Marty’s Story
Posted on August 21, 2015
This is a pre-production piece, but I thought that it is good enough to share here.—
Marty’s Story
On April 7th, 1982, Marleen Salo was at home cooking dinner with her husband, Al, when they glanced out the window and saw a helicopter flying low near their Ocean View neighborhood in Norfolk. Moments later, the call they received would change their lives and the life of their son, Marty, forever. That helicopter was the Sentara Nightingale Air Ambulance and Marty was the passenger.
Marty was a brilliant kid. At ten years old, his IQ was 130, he loved reading, and he was becoming interested in computers. In fact, he was riding his bike home from the library when the accident happened. Marty was struck by a vehicle on his bike and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The driver had been blinded by the sun for a split second when the accident occurred. A ground ambulance was called but could not reach the site due to a passing train. Luckily, the Nightingale (which had begun operations only two months before) was ready to go. Marty was airlifted to the trauma center at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital where doctors rushed to save his life.
Marty’s life hung in the balance as he remained in a coma for seven weeks. Neurologists tested his brain which showed minimal response. Never giving up, Marty’s Nightingale pilot, Dick, sat with him regularly to read books aloud. With no apparent improvement, Marleen and Al faced the terrible reality that Marty might not regain consciousness and agonized over whether to take him off of life-support. One day, during a routine test, Marty showed a miraculous breakthrough as he reached up and touched his nose.
Coming home in a partial coma, Marty’s prognosis was still uncertain. Marleen remembers, “It was not until he pointed at something and said the word ‘there,’ that I truly felt there was hope.” Starting from ground zero, Marty had to learn to crawl, walk, and talk again. He went through serious bouts of depression and anxiety because of his inability to connect with other children. Against all odds and thanks to some exceptional teachers and mentors, Marty graduated high school and then earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Florida State University. He now works for the Veterans Administration Hospital in Tampa doing computers.
In spite of all his achievements, Marty still struggled socially. He particularly had difficulty meeting and connecting with women. Marty spoke with long pauses between words and his motor skills never fully recovered making it difficult for him to drive. Always determined, Marty designed a calling card that he gave out to the ladies he liked. That’s how he met his wife and best friend, Fran. To make friends, Marty used internet chat rooms and message boards where he wouldn’t be judged for his disabilities. He still remembers his first Apple IIc that he used to start communicating with people back in the late 80’s. To this day, Marty is working on ways to use iPads to help TBI survivors communicate with each other and he even hosts a TBI support group on Facebook.
Marty has triumphed over severe adversity with the assistance of others. His wife, family, doctors, nurses, teachers, and the Nightingale crew provided the help Marty needed to live his life fully.

STARTING TO LINE UP PODCAST INTERVIEWS FOR 2017 #TheStrokeZone Guest info updated 11/20/16

Sorry about the font glitch. 
I've spent hours trying to fix it but can't. Blogger glitch. GRRRR!

The energy of this is feeling more like a movement than a project!

I have no clue where this journey will lead.


The energy of this is feeling like a movement!

I have no clue where this path leads?
I do know it feels powerful awesome peeps!

Brain Injury Survivor Marty Salo
My amazing wife Rebecca 
My awesome son Ryan

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Stay awesome survivors!
I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast 

I'm extremely honored to introduce

My awesome brain injury survivor brother in Florida 

Friday, November 18, 2016



I just experienced one of the most powerful life events! Let me explain.

So over the years of me leading a stroke survivors support group, I have met several traumatic brain injury survivors.

Many times, so identical are the deficits of a traumatic brain injury survivor to a stroke survivor, I assume the person I'm speaking with is a stroke survivor. Only to find out they are a (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury survivor instead!

This confusion has happened to me so many times, I was compelled to bridge the gap between (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury survivors and Stroke survivors. My Facebook Support Group name is now Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors.

Our family Podcast supports and helps both Stroke and brain injury survivors. 
I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast

So I had the honor of meeting an amazing Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor recently named Marty Salo from Florida.

Marty shared a video he did, bringing awareness to veteran survivors. Marty's passion is in helping brain injured armed forces veterans.

You know what, Marty also has a speech deficit like me. Did that stop Marty from doing his video? NO Marty's video was awesome! What Marty doesn't know his video gave me the courage I needed to say "I could do a Podcast with my speech deficit"

So I asked Marty if I could interview him on my live I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast someday soon and Marty said yes!

That show just has to be the planet's first ever interview hosted by a stroke survivor interviewing a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor yes?

So what was so powerful, Marty and I just finished a forty minute instant messenger video call. Not only did we communicate flawlessly, Marty got to meet and talk with my entire family. It was an off the hook powerful awesome time by all!

Help me get through three or four more live feed tests and I'll interview Marty right after my son Ryan and wife Rebecca. 

Stay awesome survivor peeps!


Our new video library is full of resources! Please show you support out family cause. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 

#TheStrokeZone #StrokeFactFriday


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

I Am Injured Not Stupid will stream live audio only

Peeps after hours and hours of work we have come to the conclusion we do not have the internet bandwidth to stream live video. And we can't afford the added money to increase our internet speed. So until we can afford an internet upgrade, our Podcast will only stream live audio.

Someday promise!

Put the awesome way cool thing is we will all be connected with YouTube live chat! How awesome is that going to be!

Stroke and brain injury survivors joined together, united in support of one another worldwide. 
Think about it.

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Follow this Blog and join our Facebook Fan Group so you receive exclusive access and real time notifications anytime we go live on YouTube. You'll even receive mobile alerts! 

You will be able to help us with our many pre-show equipment tests we'll be starting to do. We would greatly value your participation with our equipment tests. We will be conducting equipment tests periodically starting tomorrow. 

Our family thanks you,
Aaron, Rebecca and Ryan 

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of the graphic I just at the graphic we just made that will display on YouTube during our live audio feed.
Get notified every time we go live. 
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Take 2 Click! lol

Take 6 Click! lol

Podcast intro take 2 Click! lol

I'm sorry I post this so much. I'm just so proud of what Rebecca and Ryan Avila​ have done!

Created under my son's guidance


Stroke survivor Kati van der Hoeven from Finland

My favorite playlist with over 30 videos!

Friday, November 11, 2016


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Check out all the stroke survivor playlist resources we just created on our YouTube Channel! Enjoy my precious survivor peeps!

It's how they measure my family's success!

I don't mean repeat myself but this is vital to the success of my family and the cause we're fighting for.

We want to help all stroke and brain injury survivors by producing I Am Injured Not Stupid Podcast.

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