To all my family and friends.

After much self evaluation, I fully accept and realize that my stroke caused 
a mild form of mental illness in me. 

At first I was embarrassed and ashamed of having a mental illness but I realize that's who I am now.
It's not an excuse just fact.

Why did I way over react to my cousins whom I love with all my heart? 
I now know it was my mental illness! 
Not an excuse just fact.

Why did I over react when my dear friend John got hurt. Being rude with his entire family? I now know it was my mental illness! 
Not an excuse just fact.

So with all my heart I ask that each of you for sincere forgiveness. 
I honestly didn't see my mental illness back then. 
So please forgive my inappropriate behavior family and friends.

Here are just some names of people I've hurt:
Ronda, Joel, Troy, Marnie, Aunt Julie, My sister Andrea, Heather, Crissy, Nicole, John and his family, Sarah, Rebecca, Ryan and Cindy. I'm sure there's others but stroke brain fatigue is setting in.

Please forgive me?
If you can forgive me please let me know. If you don't respond I will know you can't and fully understand.

This has been a difficult realization for me but it is me being true to who I am.

With every fiber of who I am as a man,
Aaron (aka Uncle Joe)


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