#TheStrokeZone We need an investor who wants to make the world a better place

Being a wheelchair bound stroke survivor since September 17th 2010, my contact with the outside world is virtually gone.
We are looking for an investor with current cutting edge business who places a huge emphasis on social media. 

Rebecca and I have some business background.
Before my stroke Rebecca and I owned and Operated National Storage Tank and Rain Harvesting Solutions Inc. Until our Financial Adviser saw my stroke as an opportunity to steal our company. Carl and his wife Nicole are the only two people on earth I hope suffer an extremely devastating stroke and live!
Breath Aaron! Bad energy.

I have been laying in bed since 3am building this business construct in my head so there will be a few typo's. 
Please remember that I've never done this before!

Seeing my stroke left me with a speech and hearing deficit any verbal communication must go through Rebecca. If you email me I'll give you her cell number should you be nice enough to want to be a part of our desire to "Make the world a better place" movement?

Investor would need to put up monies needed to hire a business Attorney to review, file and construc legal business docs.

Here's my business construct vision. I need a mentor and investor willing to set  the business's up correctly. 
This a vision, I've never remotely ever done something like this before!
Just Sharing so you know where I'm at.

We set up Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors up as our nonprofit.
This will allow us to generate needed donations and help to survivors in need worldwide.

Our primary intention is to not help survivors by giving them cash, possibly jeopardising a survivor's disability, rather pay (as funds permit) living expenses, Dental and Medical Expenses and setup In Home Care.

(Business vision continued)
We set up an Umbrella Corporation for profit called I'm Injured Not Stupid Cooperation. 
Under it I'm hoping we can create the following divisions to start. 
(This business construct if I'm correct, keeps us from having to file separate business licenses for each entity correct?)
This Umbrella Corporation will, as funds allow, not only pay Rebecca's and I a salary (not sure if nonprofit is more advantageous)? but regularly donate to Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors.

P.s. Potential investor, my wife and I have been living below the poverty line for 6 years. So if you want to be involved in making this dream and movement happen, immediate money would be needed to stabilize Rebecca and I. 
(I will discuss with Rebecca when time)

So what do you think investors? Want to make the world a better place?

Sorry more later. Stroke brain fatigue is setting in.
Stay awesome!
With humbleness and hope,
Stroke survivor Aaron Avila
Trying to make the world a better place!


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