Hi peeps from around the globe!

Most don't know that #TheStrokeZone has a worldwide stroke and brain injury chat on FaceBook with over seventy five survivors from around the world!

Already members/survivors from:
Philippines, Australia, UK and more!
Don't just survive but thrive with us!

Do you want to be part of powerful recovery chat?

Send me a friend request on Facebook first.
Than message me and say "Add Me"
Guarantee you'll love it!
(Click on pic to launch my FB profile)

I just posted this in the chat.
I just want to interrupt to say I'm to my core grateful that each and every one of you are in my life!
When I started building Second Chance Stroke Survivors around three years ago it wasn't to help people. I WAS SCARED, ISOLATED, DARK ENERGY HEAVY, I FELT SO ALONE! I CREATED THE GROUP TO KNOW I WASN'T ALONE! And God sent me you survivors! MY GIFT FROM GOD! 
That's who you are you are to me beloved survivors! Love, your brother Aaron


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