Monday, January 23, 2017

Jeff Hayzlett and Grant Cardone clarification W.A.M.

R U in a financial place to make this world a better place?

Thanks for taking time to read this.

My name is Aaron Avila and here is my story.

My heartfelt hope is to find some fellow human beings who can financially help a group of people who are suffering terribly.
A community of people who have been overlooked by society. 
These people and their families are unable to afford to heat their homes in the bitter cold.
Can't afford to buy healthy quality foods.
Can't afford dental care and suffer in constant pain.
Can't afford to buy clothing for their children.
Can't afford to pay mortgage or rent. (Some now, homeless and live on the streets).
Can't health care or post stroke therapy.
Live alone, losing spouse, children due to their injury.

Who are these suffering and forgotten people?

They are the Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors.

How do I know this? 
Not only am I one of them, I have created what's become a global movement support group on Facebook called Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors. We help 1,000's of survivors worldwide.

Through a near death experience, I was given an unquenchable passion, love and fire to help these people. 
This unquenchable love has me working eight to ten hours a day. 
This passion inside me is so deep in the core of who I am I work for hours helping them and seems like only minutes.

I am starting to experience stroke brain fatigue, so more later.

Please contact me via email for more information at

Thank you,
Aaron Avila 
Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors 

Friday, January 20, 2017


A humble stroke survivors point of view.

Look peeps!

Today let us only 
focus on what we all have in common.

We are all bound together by the blood of the brave men and women who died to protect what we all have in common.

Our freedom!

Held in the greatest country on earth.

The United States Of America

Rise up together and let the most powerful force on planet earth tightly bind us together as a people.



Sing it with our brother 
With the most powerful force in the universe 
Stroke Survivor
Aaron Avila 
(Curious who I am)?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1-17-17 W.A.M.

#TheStrokeZone Did you know?

Bet most of you peeps didn't I designed a line of stroke survivor inspirational T-Shirts like this.
I take NO profit.
All profit was put back in to pay for a 100% FREE 
T-Shirt monthly group raffle. (U.S. Residence only).

When I have time I'll bring it back for you survivors! It's a blast!

Here's a few examples!
I'll look for the link to our store.
Found a link to our long lost store!

#TheStrokeZone Inspirational

#TheStrokeZone Brain Facts

Monday, January 16, 2017

To Jeffrey Hayzlett and Grant Cardone

Hi guys! 
Hope this format is okay to communicate with you on. 

So just in case it's been awhile, here's my story.
(My story)

So guys I'm just going to spit what's on my mind. 
Jeff I think I'm thinking big and acting bigger but you guys please tell me straight up if you think it's my fucking damaged stroke brain is going way out there please.

Deep breath ............

First I want to say I'm humbled and grateful that men of your caliber even talk with someone like me. I'm to my core grateful. You two inspire me like no other. Deeply grateful.

Please understand Grant and Jeff this creative business idea is being inspired by watching my family suffer so much because of my stroke. My 24 year old son Ryan has financially been keeping us in our home for the past 6 years. We have been surviving on my disability that only pays $19,000.00 a year. My wife Rebecca can't go get a job because my handicap fucking ass requires 24 hour care. Her clothes are old and tattered, she has no car and she even had to sell her wedding ring to cover the mortgage one month. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! IT'S RIPPING MY HEART OUT!

You see guys I "must" figure out how to stack serious paper for what my wife and son have done for me since my stroke September 17 2010. 

Here's how I think I could do it. (Very rough).

There is over 20 million stroke and brain injury survivors in the world. Maybe just maybe one of your team would be willing to donate some time to gather hard stats?

This market is served by numerous very successful companies worth millions.

I think our key is to build my families I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast big enough the large corporations will invest in advertising. Maybe sponsor?

I am currently building market share now. Doing well I might add. Google my name.

Look guys, my passion is to help stroke and brain injury survivors around the world. That's what motivates me. I need not only make millions for my amazing family, I must also make millions to give to stroke and brain injury survivors around the world who are suffering and desperately need help.

Okay guys more business plan ideas later. Stroke brain fatigue has set in.

P.s. I get up at 4am and work a minimum of 10 hours a day seven days a week. My passion is so strong, I can work hours and it seems like only minutes!

Stay awesome,

Please give me your honest opinion of our new ITunes avatar I created tonight?

#TheStrokeZone Stroke Fact

Peeps, check out these global stroke facts!

The global burden of stroke
Every year, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke. Nearly six million die and another five million are left permanently disabled. 
Stroke is the second leading cause of disability, after dementia.  Disability may include loss of vision and / or speech, paralysis and confusion.

ITunes Podcast Avatar Artwork Take 1 Your creative input wanted

So peeps as I announced a few days ago, I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast will be using a new Podcast platform that we will be submitting to ITunes and Stitcher. 

Here's my first take on our Podcast Avatar. Your constructive criticism welcomed.

#TheStrokeZone Inspirational

#TheStrokeZone What's it like being stroke survivor Aaron Avila

Peeps having a gift of an extremely creative stroke brain does have issues. Like this morning. I wake up for no apparent reason at 2am. Immediately my creative brain begins to strategize and build our new I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast platform. I keep telling myself don't get up and go back to sleep. So I lay in bed fighting my creative brain until 5am. I finally give up and go make coffee. Oh I am trying the no nap sleep strategy. Got some awesome stuff but it's going to be a looooong day.

#TheStrokeZone The most engaging raising stroke awareness video I've ever seen!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

#TheStrokeZone Keeping it real rant.

I'm writing this blog to my fellow man stroke survivors. (No disrespect my beloved sisters). 

I find the loss or battle regularly with my self value as a man. Stroke strips you of everything we as men feel we should be. 
You also?

*Provide the needed income for family.
Stroke took it away.

*Be strong in tough times.
Stroke took it away.

Base your self value on being the safe harbor for your family in life's stormy seas.
Stroke took it away.

Once simple tasks are to difficult to do.
Stroke took it away.

Oh more later peeps! Brain fatigue.


Now, On a positive note.
This is what a stunning woman looks like raising stroke awareness!

The John Lee Dumas Story: Igniting The Podcasting World

Saturday, January 7, 2017

#TheStokeZone I have a dream

#TheStrokeZone Thoughts ARE NOT FACTS

T.D. Please respond I need spiritual guidance brother.

By faith I believe you're reading this my dear fellow brother from Zion.

Brother you've taught me

So what God showed you about me and my family when we first met hasn't changed correct t.d.?

Your recent obedience to God has brought about powerful miracles in my life. 
I can't wait to tell you brother! 

So here's what I'm wrestling with.

As you know, I'm a brain damaged stroke survivor. For those that don't know me (my story).

I, like like no other stroke survivor I met, has the divine gifts I have been given by God in a near death experience like me.

I praise God for my brain aneurysm and stroke!
In the words of our dear sister Oprah.
The power and miracles I have seen t.d. have been mind blowing!

My dilemma.
My stroke brain can imagine huge things like:

*Building a facility to give stroke and brain injury survivors who have lost everything and have no place to live a place to call home called
The Stroke and Brain Injury Miracle Ranch. 

*Earn millions of dollars so I can fly survivors from around the world that are suffering and need a miracle ranch.

To earn millions of dollars to give to stroke and brain injury survivors in desperate need of help around the world.

My brain is thinking gigantic t.d.

I have so much more to share t.d. but my stroke brain fatigue is setting in.

So my brother from Zion.

How can I discern what's of God and what's my stroke brain?

Love you brother t.d.

Remember spread the word please.

So powerful it amazes me!

So this poor Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor sister, Alisa Marie who has lost everything due to her brain injury recently and has been crying out for help for weeks! 
Brings tears to my eyes I can't help her! Seriously!

Lost her husband, her kids, and now her house. 
Rips my heart out! 
I need money so I can give it to her.

I just received this to write her.

(First sent her my story)

YOU MUST quit fighting the fact, you're now a really messed up brain injury survivor like me. Believe it or not they didn't teach us in school. Brain injury is such a huge part of mankind. Fact! Someone has a You're freaking because you think it's only you like me. You're not alone! There's over millions of us in the world. So take an extremely deep breath, stop freaking and accept you're a brain injury survivor. Promise, the freak out will stop. 
Then and only than can you begin your recovery. 

My support group Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors has 1,000's of members just like you. I know, I'm the creator. Brain injury survivor is who we are not what we are. Who you now become is solely based on who you choose to be. How you react. More later sis, stroke brain fatigue.

Friday, January 6, 2017

#TheStrokeZone The forgotten stroke and brain injury survivor

Hi peeps!
Aaron here.
This is a 
(What's on Aaron's Mind) 

I've been helping stroke and brain injury survivors around the world for a while now.
I realize fully everyone in the world pretty much knows what cancer is.
But stroke and brain injury not so much!

Don't know brain injury stats yet but here's some stroke stats from American Stroke Association 

*Someone in the world has a stroke every 40 seconds.

*1out6 people will have a stroke in his or her lifetime.

*Stroke is the #1 cause of disability in the U.S.

*Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S.

Yes, tell me we're not forgotten!

Rise up with me and let's change the world!


I'll build a stroke and brain injury Raising Awareness Page tomorrow. Together we will change this!

Stay awesome!

#TheStrokeZone shares American Heart Association

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast Debut Show Notes 1/3/17

I would like to start out today's show by saying I have a newfound respect for the people who inspire me, T.D. Jakes, Oprah Winfrey, Devon Franklin, Joel Osteen, Jeffrey Hayzlett and Grant Cardone. They make T.V. and Podcasting look so so easy. I'm here to tell you their extremely gifted because IT'S NOT EASY AT ALL! 

Being a six year post stroke survivor who has a serious sleeping disorder, I am not able to sleep the night before a Podcast because I'm so stinking nervous! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Peeps so needless to say today's show will need to be short because I must go lay down.

But in the words of a man I hold a great respect for Jeffrey Hayzlett, I will be relentless with this Podcast until I get it. Why? Because I can!

What is our motivation for this Podcast?
Our single purpose is to help stroke and brain injury survivors not just survive but to thrive! To produce a quality engaging show that helps anyone affected by the cataclysmic life shattering event called stroke and brain injury.

Everyone please "like" our Podcast Fan Page on Facebook. Post your comments, your survival story so other survivors will be inspired.

Our family's heart's desire is for I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast to become an engaging worldwide movement that makes the world a better place. 

We want to know what Podcast topics would help you?

Who is Aaron? My story

Nomal show schedule will be every Tuesday at 8am PST.

Show must be cut short. I must go lay down.

We want to socially engage with you!

Stay awesome survivors!



#TheStrokeZone Raising Stroke Awareness (Please share)

A Silent Stroke 


Monday, January 2, 2017

#TheStrokeZone sharing #TheCardoneZone


#TheStrokeZone What Podcast topics would help you?

Hi peeps!

Aaron here.

As you may know, our I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast debuts tomorrow. I am so excited! My family, Rebecca and my son Ryan have been brainstorming Podcast topic ideas and Podcast directions. We concluded we will always have positive, thought provoking and useful topics. No "what do you miss most that stroke took from you"? 
(I actually heard this on a stroke survivors show) NEVER on our Podcast! Talk about a depressing dark show! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

My beloved survivors, please put in comments all show topics that would help your quality of survival? (Nothing off limits).

Please put your topic ideas in comments, Rebecca will gather them and we'll review your comments. We'll try and do a Podcast Show on them. We'll even give you a shout out on air.

I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast is 100% committed to helping you.

Who do we want to help?
Stroke and brain injury survivors, spouses of stroke survivors, caregivers, doctors, therapist, family or friends.

Basically anyone affected by the cataclysmic, life shattering event called stroke or brain injury.

Here's some Podcast topics our family came up with. We want to hear yours.

  • Survival can create spirituality.
  • How to bring balance to a survivor's life.
  • Survival builds character.
  • How to build more stability in a survivor's life.
  • A survivor must become relentless.
  • Positive reinforcement is a must have.
  • The choice to be a positive or negative person is a survivor's decision.
  • Is medical Marijuana a viable alternative to man made drugs (Pros and Cons).
  • Survival teaches the value of life.
  • Must do therapies.
  • How to stay motivated in therapy.
  • Attaining independence.
  • How to become an action oriented survivor.
  • Ways to express gratefulness to caregivers.
  • How to find what motivates you.
  • (Rico Princpe) Pre-Stroke or Brain Aneurysm miss diogenes 
  • Stroke and Brain trauma causes persons emotional stability to shift
  • Sex (Or lack of)
  • Help to deal with stress on marital relationship 
  • How to cope with loss of independence and mobility 
Stay awesome!

You're not alone.
I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast
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