BREAKING NEWS! I'm injured not stupid Podcast launches blog.

Hi my peeps out there!

It's Aaron soon to be host of I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast.

I'll be launching I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast in around four months.

My number one reason for doing this Podcast is to inspire all stroke and brain injured people around the world that doing something meaningful with your life after a stroke or brain injury is more than possible. You peeps can use your injury to make the planet a better place like me.

So I would like to challenge all my brother and sister stroke and brain injured people around the world to rise up any way you safely can and join me in making the planet a better place.

Yes, even after the cataclysmic life event called stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury, we can have once again, a strong sense of self worth. Because if you're like me, your stroke or TBI has violently stripped you of all your self worth.

Okay so here's my challenge.
If I being a half paralyzed, wheelchair bound stroke survivor with a speech deficit can put myself out there to the world and do a Podcast. You also can rise up with me and put yourself in that out of your comfort zone place.

By forcing ourselves to have to cope with the real world situations, I believe, than what the expert brain scientists say will begin to occur called Neuroplasticity.

More latter peeps! Stroke brain fatigue.

Stay awesome!
Aaron your friendly neighborhoods stroke survivor.


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