I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast Vision for the future. (UPDATED 10/24/16 6AM)

Hi all!

I thought I would share my dream and vision for I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast.

I have never done anything remotely close to a Podcast and I have a speech deficit caused by my stroke. Not what most would say will make a successful Podcast I know.

But one man told me "I CAN" 

This man is a global influencer of business. But I found his attitude with business so powerful, if I apply his attitude to my stroke survival it became life changing for me. His name is Jeffrey Hazlett.

First! Failure "is not" an option! Second! "I must" help stroke and brain injured people and their families. 
It's my absolute to my core passion I was given with my second chance at life on this planet!

The vision and dream for I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast.

So my #1 purpose for this Podcast is to give much needed help and love to a people not really mentioned or remembered in society.

Our purpose and passion for I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast is to show love and compassion to a people who feel so alone, so isolated, so scared from the rest of the world.

To help families around the world through the cataclysmic life event known as stroke and brain injury survivors. 

I see a spouse of a stroke survivor sitting alone in an ER feeling so scared. We want this Podcast to reach them, reassuring them, comforting them and letting them know they're not alone.

To give hope to the hopeless!

Lots more later!


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