I just experienced one of the most powerful life events! Let me explain.

So over the years of me leading a stroke survivors support group, I have met several traumatic brain injury survivors.

Many times, so identical are the deficits of a traumatic brain injury survivor to a stroke survivor, I assume the person I'm speaking with is a stroke survivor. Only to find out they are a (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury survivor instead!

This confusion has happened to me so many times, I was compelled to bridge the gap between (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury survivors and Stroke survivors. My Facebook Support Group name is now Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors.

Our family Podcast supports and helps both Stroke and brain injury survivors. 
I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast

So I had the honor of meeting an amazing Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor recently named Marty Salo from Florida.

Marty shared a video he did, bringing awareness to veteran survivors. Marty's passion is in helping brain injured armed forces veterans.

You know what, Marty also has a speech deficit like me. Did that stop Marty from doing his video? NO Marty's video was awesome! What Marty doesn't know his video gave me the courage I needed to say "I could do a Podcast with my speech deficit"

So I asked Marty if I could interview him on my live I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast someday soon and Marty said yes!

That show just has to be the planet's first ever interview hosted by a stroke survivor interviewing a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor yes?

So what was so powerful, Marty and I just finished a forty minute instant messenger video call. Not only did we communicate flawlessly, Marty got to meet and talk with my entire family. It was an off the hook powerful awesome time by all!

Help me get through three or four more live feed tests and I'll interview Marty right after my son Ryan and wife Rebecca. 

Stay awesome survivor peeps!


  1. Awesome Aaron. I'm so excited for you. Love you brother

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm9moMYYGUU

  3. Awesome Aaron. I'm so excited for you. Love you brother

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