T.D. Please respond I need spiritual guidance brother.

By faith I believe you're reading this my dear fellow brother from Zion.

Brother you've taught me

So what God showed you about me and my family when we first met hasn't changed correct t.d.?

Your recent obedience to God has brought about powerful miracles in my life. 
I can't wait to tell you brother! 

So here's what I'm wrestling with.

As you know, I'm a brain damaged stroke survivor. For those that don't know me (my story).

I, like like no other stroke survivor I met, has the divine gifts I have been given by God in a near death experience like me.

I praise God for my brain aneurysm and stroke!
In the words of our dear sister Oprah.
The power and miracles I have seen t.d. have been mind blowing!

My dilemma.
My stroke brain can imagine huge things like:

*Building a facility to give stroke and brain injury survivors who have lost everything and have no place to live a place to call home called
The Stroke and Brain Injury Miracle Ranch. 

*Earn millions of dollars so I can fly survivors from around the world that are suffering and need a miracle ranch.

To earn millions of dollars to give to stroke and brain injury survivors in desperate need of help around the world.

My brain is thinking gigantic t.d.

I have so much more to share t.d. but my stroke brain fatigue is setting in.

So my brother from Zion.

How can I discern what's of God and what's my stroke brain?

Love you brother t.d.

Remember spread the word please.


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