#TheStrokeZone What Podcast topics would help you?

Hi peeps!

Aaron here.

As you may know, our I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast debuts tomorrow. I am so excited! My family, Rebecca and my son Ryan have been brainstorming Podcast topic ideas and Podcast directions. We concluded we will always have positive, thought provoking and useful topics. No "what do you miss most that stroke took from you"? 
(I actually heard this on a stroke survivors show) NEVER on our Podcast! Talk about a depressing dark show! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

My beloved survivors, please put in comments all show topics that would help your quality of survival? (Nothing off limits).

Please put your topic ideas in comments, Rebecca will gather them and we'll review your comments. We'll try and do a Podcast Show on them. We'll even give you a shout out on air.

I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast is 100% committed to helping you.

Who do we want to help?
Stroke and brain injury survivors, spouses of stroke survivors, caregivers, doctors, therapist, family or friends.

Basically anyone affected by the cataclysmic, life shattering event called stroke or brain injury.

Here's some Podcast topics our family came up with. We want to hear yours.

  • Survival can create spirituality.
  • How to bring balance to a survivor's life.
  • Survival builds character.
  • How to build more stability in a survivor's life.
  • A survivor must become relentless.
  • Positive reinforcement is a must have.
  • The choice to be a positive or negative person is a survivor's decision.
  • Is medical Marijuana a viable alternative to man made drugs (Pros and Cons).
  • Survival teaches the value of life.
  • Must do therapies.
  • How to stay motivated in therapy.
  • Attaining independence.
  • How to become an action oriented survivor.
  • Ways to express gratefulness to caregivers.
  • How to find what motivates you.
  • (Rico Princpe) Pre-Stroke or Brain Aneurysm miss diogenes 
  • Stroke and Brain trauma causes persons emotional stability to shift
  • Sex (Or lack of)
  • Help to deal with stress on marital relationship 
  • How to cope with loss of independence and mobility 
Stay awesome!

You're not alone.
I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast
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