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Hi awesome universe!

Hi, my name is Aaron Avila 

On September 17th 2010 I experienced a cataclysmic life changing event.

So cataclysmic and life shattering was this event, the decimating ripple effect would be felt throughout my entire family. 
As fast as lightning strikes plunging my family into a life of hardship and struggle.

What was this life changing event you ask?

I survived a massive brain aneurysm and two weeks later a physically debilitating stroke. (My story)

But like a Phoenix rises from the ashes, I also have risen from the clutches of certain death into a spiritual awakening through a near death experience.

This near death experience would be even more life altering than my brain aneurysm and stroke.


Because through my near death experience I found the absolute truth to my life on planet earth.

Yes, it doesn't really matter if a mortal man proclaims he is so smart and there is no God because I 100% know there is.


In my near death experience I met him. God showed himself to me as a white haired white bearded old man. So anyone on earth can say there is no God but you'll be wrong, because I met God.

The truth of who and what God is as creator, is nothing like the religions man has created. Man's religion portrays God as one who sits a far off on a cloud ready to rain down fire and brimstone on any human being that steps out of line and sins. 

These religions of men use this fear of God as a way to control the masses of people and to extort their money from them.

I have been given a second chance at life to tell you mankind that this religious version of God is 100% false!

God is the creator of the universe and we humans are God's beloved children. We are children of the most high God creator of the heavens and earth.

God does not want to rain down fire and brimstone upon mankind but rather, show you a divine love like you've never experienced before. 

I know this is truth because as a half paralyzed wheelchair bound stroke survivor with a speech deficit, my life should be submerged in dark energy and depression but it's absolutely not! My life is the complete opposite! I am satisfied and content filled with a divine peace and love that I didn't know was possible as a human being on earth.

I now know the truth of who you really are fellow human. You are a eternal spiritual being learning to live in a human body. That is what all mankind is. 

Therefore we, as mankind who inhabit the earth are all spiritually connected as one. The absolute truth is we are all spiritual brothers and sisters. Each one of us are a cherished and loved son or daughter of the creator God. 

See our lives are really governed by a spiritual realm we can't see with our eyes but can feel this spiritual energy with every cell in our bodies.

Why do you you think you can be in a crowded room of people and that one person walks into the room and you get this feeling that something isn't right with that person? It's the cells in your body picking up the dark spiritual energy of that person.

You have heard this spiritual truth called intuition, a feeling, a premonition.

I will explain more spiritual truth in a book I intend to write one day called "My destiny was to be a stroke survivor" or something like that.

Another part of this spiritual awakening was a leading to create a stroke and brain injury support group on Facebook called Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors.

The creation of this support group has been a powerful spiritual experience for me. Only 24 months old we have thousands of survivor members from around the world. Together we have become a global movement.

I have personally met thousands of the most amazing people on earth. 
Stroke and Brain injury survivors.

I will explain in more detail in a second Blog because stroke brain fatigue is starting to set in and I want to share something.

I truly need some help from you to help those stroke and brain injury survivors from around the world. 

You see, because stroke and brain injury is such a catastrophic life event, wiping out a persons ability to earn money, they are terribly suffering. 

But I have a dream I'm hoping you can help me make come true?
Here's a Blog I wrote yesterday to famous businessmen Jeffrey Hayzlett and Grant Cardone. (No reply yet)

Peeps, I'll write you more later. An abscess tooth I can't afford to fix and stroke brain fatigue is making it impossible to write anymore.

You can email me your questions or comments here. 
You can also connect with me on Facebook here.

With the most powerful force on planet earth,
Aaron Avila 
Making the world a better place!


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