Formal apology to Brain Injury Resource Group (BIRG) from Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Group

Official Notice
Formal Apology

To: Brain Injury Recourse Group
Jim Bono, Layne Wright and all parties involved.

From: Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Group
Aaron Avila, and Rebecca Avila

Please Accept our deepest apology for our mistake and actions in thinking that Brain
Injury Recourse Group (BIRG) was not a true Non-Profit because we could not find
anything online Confirming the (501c3) for Brain Injury Recourse Group. We were
incorrect. We formally apologize for False Statements made in error regarding Brain
Injury Recourse Group not being a true Non- Profit. As they were in filing status and we
could not find any information on them at the time.

It was not our intention to cause any damage or inconvenience to Brain Injury Recourse
Group and or its affiliates. We could have done this differently and now we wish we had.

Rest assured that this will not be repeated.

Again, we are sorry for our actions and we hope that we can put this matter behind us.

Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Group
Aaron Avila
Rebecca Avila


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