Aaron's near death experience Updated 5/4/16

At what place of life or death this happened I do not know.

I found myself in the most full of peace tropical like place I had ever been before. Inner peace.

In the middle of this place was a mansion.

I suddenly found myself inside this mansion. It was filled with 1,000's of people wearing white gowns. It was odd because I had an uneasy feeling.

Then a white bearded old man came up to me and said "Here take this white gown it will be easier for you............ I refused!

Then it hit me!

The reason I felt uneasy was because I was the only one in this place in normal clothes!

The old man asked me several more times saying "Here take the white gown it will be easier for you" I refused again every time.

All I wanted is to see is my soul mate, my everything of 25 years Rebecca Avila.

And here I am today, given a second chance at life on this planet.

Living the most fullest life you can have on this planet. Helping stroke and brain injury survivors around the world like non before me.

I have been given an unquenchable love for stroke and brain injury survivors worldwide!

It's who I am now!

Stroke and brain injury survivors are the most amazing people I have met on this planet!


I realize now that the white haired man that gave me a choice to live or die was God himself!


5/4/16 UPDATE 

I realize who I am and the awesome gift I've been given with my of my second chance at life on planet earth!

I feel I have been given one most awesome gifts God could give a person! A to my core of who I am as a man love for stroke survivors around the world.

A love so strong so powerful it resonates from
deep inside my being. So supernatural this love I didn't even know a human could love like this! I didn't even know a love like this exists!

It has got to be rare someone like me thanks God for his stroke! If not for this cataclysmic stroke I would have never come to know the awesome loving creator of the universe! My father!

Who am I?
The man that will unite the world through stroke survival! God gave this hashtag months ago. Now I know why! 


  1. Beautiful testimony. I believe you that God sent you back to life for a purpose. I have a dear friend I met through another support group, Philippine brain aneurysm survivors. An online support group for Filipino brain aneurysm. Her testimony just like yours was amazing, We have an awesome God!


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