Since to me there's such a night and day difference between religion and spirituality, I thought that this stroke chronicle would be about how I see the vast difference between religion and spirituality.

I became spiritual during a near death experience I had when my brain aneurysm exploded in my head and 2 weeks later when I suffered a massive stroke. Either one should have killed me so I have no clue during which event it happened?

One thing I am 100% sure of. 
There's a creator God, because I met him!

Let's start with Religion 
I think the root word describes religion well!
Religion's root word is Ritual. 
Man builds religion to create a false way to make himself feel justified and Godly.
Religion is man doing a certain act or "ritual" that he thinks and teaches other men that if you do these specific acts or say this certain sayings, that it will trigger a certain spiritual response! 
False! Lie! 
God doesn't work that way! God is not your Genie religious man!

Spiritual is a man having a real living, alive,  personal relationship with God the creator of heaven and earth. Unlike religious works, being Spiritual is alive with the very energy God created and who God is! 

You see, man can do absolutely nothing (rituals) to trigger the spiritual realm. He only deceives his own self thinking he's being spiritual when he's really not!

The rituals man creates to make himself feel better is really hollow, dead, void of all life.

Having an exterior form of Godliness but not having the living, powerful and alive relationship God longs to have with you his creation.

You need to know my fellow man on planet earth that the one that created you, wants to have a close intimate relationship with you his creation!

Religion of men depicts God sitting on a cloud, separated from a man, waiting for a man to step out of line so he can throw lighting bolts at him.

Man creates this fear of God to control other men! 

Why do think man (not God) rains down judgment damnation and Hell upon other men?

Because man's religion is so steeped in fear. Why? Because if "the church" (not God) can make another man afraid and live in fear of God he removes the love of God. Religion removes the ability of that man to have the close, loving and powerful relationship God actually wants with mankind.

Religion, through this fear, actually separates man from God.

I mean can one believe a man wants to have a close relationship with a God he's afraid of? No! Who would?

The absolute truth that I have come to know through stroke.

The God, creator of you the heavens and earth loves you with an unconditional love!

He is always for you and never against you!

God is not angry at the majority of his creation (mankind) has turned away from him. No! On the contrary, it breaks his heart and makes God very sad.

You see the real truth is God loves you no matter what you do! God is for you not against you! God wants you to prosper and thrive!

You are his beloved creation!

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With the most powerful energy on planet earth! 



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