September 17th Aaron's celebration of life

Hi peeps around planet earth!

Every year since my stroke survival, My awesome family throws me what I named my
"Celebration Of Life"

Family potluck and get together. BBQ cake and ice cream with one candle as a reminder my candle of life is still burning bright!

We all remember that day in 2010, the candle of my life was reduced to a flicker. Remember for sure I should have died that day. 
But God in his mighty power saved my life. Not just saved my life, but through a near death experienceshowed me the truth to my life and all mankind's life on planet earth. 

I can say 100% for sure there is far more to your life than what you see with your physical eyes.

Please peeps do not misunderstand! 

I know for a fact most "man made" religions misrepresent what God really is! Man creates this fear of God to control other men! By man's religion painting God as one sitting on a cloud with a handful of lightning bolts just waiting for you to step out of line so he can hurl lightning bolts at you IS NOT what God is.

If you were to ask me what is the true and accurate nature of God is? I would liken it to the way a parent loves their child. A love so powerful and a bond so strong you would sacrifice your own life to save your child. That is how God feels towards you.

We are all God's children and he loves us with an undying spiritual love.

I'm alive when I should be dead! To my core grateful for my second chance I've been given on planet earth!
More later peeps! Stroke brain shutting down.




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