My Paradox Is it A) Dream B) Faith C) Destiny D) Stroke Brain

Brother Joel, in almost every sermon you use two separate words but I'm confused, are they two in the same? 
Please explain the difference? Dream versus Destiny 

I think you will each respond to this Blog?
A) B) C) or D)

I feel a special spiritual spark with you t.d. my beloved brother from Zion?
A) B) C) or D)

I will build a facility called The Stroke and Brain Miracle Ranch?
A) B) C) or D)

I will meet each one of some day?
A) B) C) or D)

Jeffrey Hayzlett and Grant Cardone world famous businessmen will help me build my business construct for helping stroke and brain injury survivors worldwide?
A) B) C) or D)

My family and I will suffer no longer, financial relief is being sent by God. 
A new season is coming into our lives soon?
A) B) C) or D)

Our Podcast to help stroke and brain survivors has a special anointing from God?
A) B) C) or D)

Email me your answers here God's miracle makers.

With God's mighty love,
Your brother from Zion,


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