Oprah, Devon and TD please consider


You three are my pillars. My mentors if you will.

I am a man given a gift through a near death experience. My story.

What I didn't realize at the time, not only did God give me a second chance at life on planet earth. God put in the very core of who I am, a love for stroke and brain injury survivors that runs through every fiber of my being.

It's with this powerful gift of love I humbly ask you three join forces and consider giving each one of my stroke and brain injury survivors a financial gift of any size, to them for Christmas? They are suffering so and could use a touch of the most powerful force in the universe. Love. God's true and pure love.

So deep to my core is the love God has given me for stroke and brain injury survivors, as I type this there is a groan emitting from my very core I have never felt before.

If you would like to discuss this Christmas opportunity email me here.

With humbled love and respect,


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