I Am Injured Not Stupid will stream live audio only

Peeps after hours and hours of work we have come to the conclusion we do not have the internet bandwidth to stream live video. And we can't afford the added money to increase our internet speed. So until we can afford an internet upgrade, our Podcast will only stream live audio.

Someday promise!

Put the awesome way cool thing is we will all be connected with YouTube live chat! How awesome is that going to be!

Stroke and brain injury survivors joined together, united in support of one another worldwide. 
Think about it.

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You will be able to help us with our many pre-show equipment tests we'll be starting to do. We would greatly value your participation with our equipment tests. We will be conducting equipment tests periodically starting tomorrow. 

Our family thanks you,
Aaron, Rebecca and Ryan 

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of the graphic I just at the graphic we just made that will display on YouTube during our live audio feed.
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