#TheStrokeZone Show note: 11/22/16 UPDATE with an exclusive announcement inside!


After Marty Salo and I ran some initial tests using Skype video. We both agree the bandwidth required for video is just too unstable. 

So we're going back to our original 
Podcast format of audio only Podcast.

This should make our Podcast easier to record and syndicate.

Interview methods
Audio interviews only using Skype.

Anyone being interviewed must have and know how to use Skype. (Download here) Once you have it installed, send us an add to contact request via skype to iminjurednotstupid@gmail.com and we will run some pre show tests.
(Click here for Skype tutorials)

Exclusive inside tip!
I'm Injured Not Stupid is launching a brand new once a month show in 2017 called the Aaron and Marty Show. (The AM in the PM). Hosted by stroke survivor Aaron Avila and Co Hosted by brain injury survivor Marty Salo. Details coming soon!

We will talk soon
Stay awesome.
Remember you're not alone!


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