So powerful it amazes me!

So this poor Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor sister, Alisa Marie who has lost everything due to her brain injury recently and has been crying out for help for weeks! 
Brings tears to my eyes I can't help her! Seriously!

Lost her husband, her kids, and now her house. 
Rips my heart out! 
I need money so I can give it to her.

I just received this to write her.

(First sent her my story)

YOU MUST quit fighting the fact, you're now a really messed up brain injury survivor like me. Believe it or not they didn't teach us in school. Brain injury is such a huge part of mankind. Fact! Someone has a You're freaking because you think it's only you like me. You're not alone! There's over millions of us in the world. So take an extremely deep breath, stop freaking and accept you're a brain injury survivor. Promise, the freak out will stop. 
Then and only than can you begin your recovery. 

My support group Second Chance Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors has 1,000's of members just like you. I know, I'm the creator. Brain injury survivor is who we are not what we are. Who you now become is solely based on who you choose to be. How you react. More later sis, stroke brain fatigue.


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