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Re: Clearing my heart.
I’m writing this letter to the family and friends who chose to walk out of my life years ago.
I’m feeling compelled to write this letter to put this in my past and not allow any negative energy to make me feel bad or guilty no more.
Why vent on Facebook?
Being a half paralyzed wheelchair bound stroke survivor and unable to use a cell phone, Facebook is my only real way I can get out and speak socially so please, try to understand and not be offended.
I am not going to use names because you know who you are.
I’m writing this letter to the family and friends who chose to walk out of my life years ago because I said and did something that offended you. You know who you are and I will not use names.
Since my brain aneurysm and stroke in September 2010, I have offended many. When you’re brain damaged you have these nasty little brain issues the medical professionals call deficits. To the unknowing family and friends I’ve offended you call them excuses.
I fully own these deficits. Hell, these deficits have caused me to look at my own behavior from the third person and even I find my own behavior offensive. How can I hold any ill feelings when I agree with you, I’m offensive sometimes. Excuse? Hell no! My brain damage is just fact.
In I have through self evaluation I humbly realize my stroke caused a mild case of mental illness along with a large dose of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder known as PTSD. Excuse? No! I own it. It’s who I am now.
If not for the true love of my wife and son whom I have rapidly and deeply offended so many times I’ve lost count. They have faithfully stayed by my side without hesitation and for that I’m to my core grateful for their unfailing love.
So why this letter?
Because way back in my mind, I’m saddened that this separation amongst some of my family and friends even has occurred.
I need to face it, own it and I need to say I’m sorry and officially say goodbye.
One thing about almost dyeing and losing my life is that I have become accurately aware our life on earth is fragile. Short. Too short to waste trying to hold on to people in my life that don’t want to be in my life.
I hold no ill feelings. I get it. Please anyone that doesn’t want to be part of my life, it’s okay! I truly don’t want anyone in my life that doesn’t want to be in it. So please don’t feel bad for me.
So let’s just say goodbye in peace and walk away.
With only good intentions,


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