W.A.M. (What's on Aaron's Mind) 

You know peeps, coming from someone who most certainly should be dead (my story) along with my family living on my disability for the past six years that's below the current poverty rate.

I find myself filled with a to my core gratefulness. As I sit in my wheelchair and smell the intense sweet smell of the Orange and Lemon Blossoms filling the air.

Watching our four pound Yorkshire Terrier Gemma play with her friend the California Towhee Bird. 
(explain in another Blog.You won't believe it).

Our first real eighty plus degree summer day.

Watching my everything wife Rebecca going for the first swim of the season. 

Boy I could go on.


I'm wealthy with something money can never bye.

Love and a to my gratefulness just to be alive to see life and feel an awareness of love and God that's not human but divine.

Stay awesome peeps!
Stroke survivor Aaron 


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